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Light is everything. 

Light is both perception - how we see everything we experience - and how we remember the moment.  It's how we experience color, texture, dimension and even mood. It's how we sense and record the environmental ambience or 'feel' of a space.  It provides that X-factor. It's either there or it isn't.

With this in consideration we bring a line of ambient lighting that enhances an environment in various ways, allowing one to control color, texture and intensity while achieving a philosophical balance between the yin-yang of the natural and industrial worlds.

The Lightlink Lighting collection - described as 'Zen/Industrial', 'Illuminated sculpture' or 'Euro-Texan art lighting' - was inspired by Mike's passion for light and an interest in how it can be manipulated to create a uniquely pleasing ambience while maintaining Green values and sustainability throughout design and construction.

With Lightlink now in it's 15th year, Texas lighting designer Mike Brannon is achieving critical and commercial success around the country with his latest collection of original art lighting.

"I've always been drawn to the myriad effects of light, both upon a subject and as a subject of its own."

"I wanted to find a way of transforming the traditional shape of a shade into an integral part of the light itself, so I experimented with various transparent  materials and hand-made tinted papers, which have natural light-enhancing properties. I wrapped these around frames of threaded rods, with aluminum and stainless plates of various shapes, adding touch dimmers to integrate sensitivity and responsiveness."

"The juxtaposition of industrial, natural and Asian features gave me the result I was looking for: the perfect balance of high-tech design with Zen aesthetics. The overall effect is organic and atmospheric and is a very pleasing, integrated way to light contemporary interiors."

His work, which fuses industrial components and natural fibers into ambient illuminated sculptures, is currently on display in galleries and private collections in numerous major markets including : London, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, DC, Boston, Houston and Austin.

Lightlink specializes in creating textured, interactive, ambient art lighting suitable for any contemporary setting, including Spas, resorts, hotels, lobbies, atriums, public & private areas, bars, restaurants, airports and offices, as well as, residential interiors.

The pieces have echoes of Zen, Asian and industrial design through a particularly organic design sense coupled with the use of such diverse materials and techniques as dichroic & negative space mirroring, touch dimming, fluorescent acrylics, perforated metals, bamboo veneers, reclaimed hardwoods and hand-made Thai art papers

Among our values and design considerations at Lightlink are that each piece be inspired and inspiring, unique, environmentally enhancing, interactive and of predominantly green design. In that pursuit all papers used have high recycled content, as much as 90% of hardwoods are reclaimed, the bamboo is sustainable, only eco-resin is used and almost all metals used are also from reclaimed sources.

New and custom designs are always being added. Check the 'New Designs' section for the latest!

Have an idea for a lighting design? We'll be glad to help you. 

We hope you enjoy your stay. 


Contact us for more info, comments, new and custom orders...



Lightlink's designs can be found at the following locations:


LIGHTLINK LIGHTING - San Antonio, Texas 



DESIGN CENTER OF AUSTIN - 3601 S. Congress, Austin, TX




NEWS : Lightlink Lighting ...

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4/08  Residential Lighting Magazine  profiled Lightlink in its April Eco-issue.

3/08  Eco-Structure, the Green-Design magazine, covered Lightlink's Edgelit Ice & Dichroic Twig designs

1/08  Hospitality Lighting Magazine profiled Lightlink's Edge-lit series in the Winter '08 issue.

12/07 The 3-Form company invited us to submit a new design to their 2nd annual international design contest using their eco-resin and the EL Edge-lit Series was created (see New Designs).


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